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The Crazy World of
vintage watch collecting
I'm an avid watch collector and I'm crazy about the repair and restoration of vintage wristwatches. I created this site to share my passion, and also to share resources, links and tips I've collected over the past several years.
My Own Collection
My personal modern & vintage watch collection is best described as "fluid and dynamic", meaning it's always changing, with the exception of a few specific "keepers", like my 2005 Omega Speedmaster Triple-Date seen on the right.
I collect, repair, restore, and by & sell vintage watches and am always hunting auction sites and local thrift stores searching for unusual, forgotten and unloved additions, or watches that can restored and passed on to other watch enthusiasts.
Omega Speedmaster Triple Date - Blue Dial
Watch Repair and restoration
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Omega Silver Snoopy Award 50th Anniversary Watch - new for 2020
2020 Omega
2020 Omega
2020 Omega
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